These are our special earth angels.
They're very ready for families of their own!
Please consider adopting one (or two).

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Faith and Hope, were brought into rescue December 21, 2007.
That is so close to Christmas, so they are really in sync with good Karma and lucky streaks.
Anyone who adopts these gals will really be wracking in the good Karma points.
Plus their new dog parent/s will have a pair of beautiful souls
with good senses of humor and lots and lots of devotion to share.

We are fairly certain Faith is Hope's mom. This mother/daughter duo has been together through some very amazing and sometimes rough times. They started out in a south Florida shelter, were adopted. Their new family didn't treat them too well. They were found left outside without shelter or water.
We can't say they weren't fed, though. But too much food can be abusive too. Most Dobies don't know their food limitations and when a free feeding food bowl is around, they will do themselves harm by eating too much. Meanwhile, Faith is working on reducing a few more pounds than Hope is.

When these girls were confiscated, then ended up back in another south Florida shelter.
This time their circumstance was dire. At that time of year, there weren't many chances for them to get a second chance. But guess what. They did!

Well, look where they are now! Primed for their new life together with the right family.
Since going into fosterhood in Fort Myers, these girls have become very secure and loving pets,
and are really enjoying life as Dobies who are treasured.

They need routine and love in their new home. Lots of both.
Plus at least a 6-foot stockade fence.

They are both heartworm negative, on monthly preventative, are up-to-date on vaccines,
are spayed and ready to go to their new adoptive home.

They need to be placed in a home without little children because they are very big.
If you are special and can work with these lovely all natural red gals (tails included - yay!),
then please fill out our application and send it to us at

Faith and Hope are fostered in Lee county.

Lou, Ann, Tay, Boo

These four are fostered in Lee county. They should have a home together - all four in one home. Boo is shy, and Lou isn't, but he is not housebroken, and they are all good friends. Ann and Tay are the girls and part Australian Shepherds if not all. But Lou and Boo are Dobermans. They are all between 6 years old and older. The girls like to bark at the wind, but it will keep your neighbors out of your house and yard. The postman, too. So if you like getting mail or having friends drop by, maybe these are not the four for you. But the good news is they are up-to-date on vaccines and heartworm preventative. Spayed and neutered, too. The one Aussie is more likely to have a tail in the end than not, because she is a unique Aussie, but the other ones are lacking in that department. All in all, they are fine, upstanding dogs and pretty good at keeping mice in check for not being cats, but only if you have the mice in your house because the dogs must be in the house. They are indoor dogs only. All four.

If you have more questions or want to apply, just write to Jude. She is the one driving in the picture below, and she usually gets back to you when she's in between being on the road going back and forth to the rescue vets, feeding and watering animals, and doing a mess of chores taking care of all the rescues. But she is happy.Thanks.

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